Hong Ngoc General Hospital, founded in 2003 by Founder Chairman – Dr Nguyen Ngoc Vinh, is the very first one following the Hospital-Hotel model in North Vietnam. The hospital’s goal is to improve people’s health and provide high quality health care to the community. Our mission is to bring high-class healthcare to Vietnam at the prices that the patients could afford.

Until now, Hong Ngoc Hospital has touched the lives of over 100 thousand patients. The Hospital, which started out as a 30-bed hospital, is now recognized as a pioneer of private healthcare in North Vietnam, with over 300 standard beds, 200 physicians, 350 nurses and 4 branches located in the heart of Hanoi. Hong Ngoc Hospital not only is known as a medical treatment but has emerged as an integrated healthcare provider in Vietnam, specializing also in consultancy, medical centers, beauty clinics, insurance, and more.

Before Hong Ngoc Hospital was established, only a small number of individuals who could afford to travel aboard had the privilege for world-standard medical treatments. The establishment of Hong Ngoc Hospital offers Vietnamese people and expats living in Vietnam an opportunity to enjoy high quality treatment at affordable price.

In a continuing effort to bring high-quality health care to our customers, Hong Ngoc General Hospital has partnered with an array of international hospitals, medical centers, medical universities, and pharmacy companies. We are working together to improve the health of the communities that we are serving.

In addition, hospital is built on lasting value systems that focuses on excellence, expertise, empathy and innovation. For years, Hong Ngoc Hospital has gained a reputation for excellent nursing care as well as experienced and highly-trained consultants, physicians and surgeons. Hong Ngoc Hospital commits to be worthy of your trust as a “The Place to Trust”